Fight or Flight?

Flight — Avoid — it’s my first reaction.  But lately it seems that I’ve been on the receiving end of peoples frustrations and they’ve been cornering me so I’ve had […]


When good ol’fashioned positive thinking doesn’t work

If you are like me and have been trying your best to be positive, you may notice sometimes that it can be difficult to be so. I have spent the […]

Reflection [Explored]

35 things I have learned in my 35 birthdays

    As my 35th birthday is approaching I have been looking back and reflecting on all the things I have learned and still learning. Granted not everything I imagined has […]

Date Night Events

Lean dating

At coffee with a girlfriend we were talking about how our busy jobs were messing with our attempts at dating and finding Mr. Right.  Dating and getting to know new […]


Boy repellant

Apparently I have a coat that repels men.  Well, maybe it only repels boys who DON’T want to date their mothers. (That should be all of them!) I have this […]

Camelback Bridge

Under a bridge

Ahh..sometimes the idea of a living under a bridge is so intoxicating to me. Alone in a quiet place, with only my  mind to focus on what I want and […]


I hate my budget

Ahhh, the love~hate relationship I have with my budget. Tracking my spending on a monthly basis is a recent challenge for me.  I started last summer when my roommate moved […]