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My skins loves…

Let’s stop for a second to just say – travel is exhausting, and unnecessarily stressful. When packing for my trip to Europe recently, I found my mind boggled as I […]


Birthday Cake, My Way!

Ah, the humble birthday cake. Centre piece of gatherings by friends, family, and work colleagues. For many, the mere mention conjures images of toasts, pointy party hats, noise makers, off-key singing, and fiery […]

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My Way!

photo: I’m a planner, and in my personal life I’m very used to organizing and doing things the way I like, my way.  Which is fine when I’m on my […]

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Show and Tell: Zoeva Luxe Complete Set Makeup Brushes

Zoeva is a brand that was never on my radar until I accidentally received one in a TrendTrunk purchase. TrendTrunk is a Canada-only site where you can sell used and new […]

The patio benches, pulled apart at the corners for more party seating. Plus Haggis the Dog's head.

Patio Seating – From Desolation to Paradise

Okay, so the title may be a bit melodramatic. However it fits my feelings exactly. We recently decided to build a new back deck. Our townhouse is hemmed in on […]

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Virtual illusion

I have made a virtual disappearance from Facebook and no one has noticed yet. For so many years I have expressed to countless people how much I hate Facebook and […]

Now that it is out in the open…..

With the recent passing of Robin Williams it has really made me start to think about the struggles that we all face with certain aspects of our mind and how […]