Sometimes I just shake my head and think — Get it together Woman!! Some days I find myself smack dab in a streak of awesomeness! Like scoring the best parking spot during christmas shopping season, perfect proximity to the door of the mall and to an easy exit from the […]

Tea cup and flowered tablecloth

Potato, cheddar and green onion scones

Technically these are drop biscuits, but they look and taste exactly like a scone I fell in love with at a local coffee shop which has since stopped making them.  No, Discovery Coffee, the tomato and cheddar scones that you replaced these with, are not as good. Since there was […]


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Impatient Shopper 2

You know what I like most about Christmas? Shopping for people. I see it as like the ultimate gesture in sincere, love and thoughtfulness. All year long I look forward to wandering around town, in and out of stores just looking for inspiration for the people on my list.  And […]

Cocktails for the Sociables Season

    Serve the following with your favourite crackers (I like SociablesTM) and appetizers to start off an evening of good company and entertainment. Tom Collins INGREDIENTS 1 oz fresh lemon juice 1 tsp sugar 1½ oz of gin Lemon slices or Maraschino cherries INSTRUCTIONS Mix sugar, gin and juice over ice […]


Appetizers for the Sociables Season

Here are some of my favourites from the 1960s and 1970s … Serve up with SociablesTM crackers and breads to spread on the antipasto paste, crab dip, and cheese ball.  Place several small serving bowls about your home filled full of nuts and bolts for easy access.  Set out a little container of fancy serving picks or […]

Here Comes the Sociables Season

Since moving to the west coast from the interior of British Columbia, I find myself nostalgic for the changes in weather which signal the start of activities, and food preparations in the run up to the social season. Leaves turning colour and extra blankets added to beds signals the return to school.   Bare […]