Back to Paradise… Paris

Last year I went to Paris with my mom and it was absolutely amazing, but it was sooooooo hot. Like seriously ridiculously hot. And when I returned from my July trip, one of my ladies (who also happens to be in love with France..) informed me that July is the […]



Tis better to have loved and lost

I had a very wise roommate who told me that when she was feeling frustrated or unhappy, she would ask herself “will this matter a year from now?”  It seemed so simple, but to my mind, unbelievably difficult.  I had a difficult time understanding how something like that could be […]

January – the month of no expectations

I am not going to lie, I have not been looking forward to this month. I am always a bit bummed out in January.  Perhaps it is the rain, darkness, no vacation plans, post-Christmas come down, etc… This year, for some reason, I have not been bummed out yet. I think […]



Songs that make you go hmm…

There are definitely songs that come on the radio and I find myself having to stop whatever it is that I’m doing, and just listen, or dance, or just smile.  Songs that are “dinner” — (for those of you who have seen music and lyrics – love that movie!) For […]


Ever found yourself frustrated by waiting for something that seemed to be taking it’s own sweet time to arrive? You check your email constantly.  Your ears are keyed-up listening for the sound of your ringtone.  You find yourself crazily searching your purse for your cell phone in the abstract hope […]


Tea cup and flowered tablecloth


Sometimes I just shake my head and think — Get it together Woman!! Some days I find myself smack dab in a streak of awesomeness! Like scoring the best parking spot during christmas shopping season, perfect proximity to the door of the mall and to an easy exit from the […]