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DIY Revamped Lamp

My Best friend is coming to visit in the Fall, and I need to figure out how to prep my new home office, for the temporary role of spare bedroom. […]

If I had a Million Dollars

photo: Recently I heard that a rare Canadian $2.00 bill is going to auction for up to $20,000! That caught my attention and started my head to swirl around all […]

Wedding guests hug the bride

Wedding crasher

Weddings can bring out the best or worst in people… photo: GWP Photography (will be away…ty!) Some people hate them and avoid them at all costs.  They hate the music, […]

Dating Myths or Facts

photo: Recently I declared that I was going back on the old-fashioned way of dating, (you know before internet and smart phones!) I was going to actually leave my house […]

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16 days in a suitcase

Mom and I are heading to Europe for a wedding and holiday, and we’ll be away for 16 days.  We’ll be in two totally different locations (Paris, France and Manchester, […]


Do You Have a Savings Strategy?

What are you saving for? A trip to Mexico in the winter? A sum to pay down your mortgage, or make a deposit on a home? Buy those kick ass […]

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Ginger Bred Babe – Hot Town, Summer in the City

It’s THAT time of year again.  Captured so perfectly by the Lovin Spoonful: Hot town, summer in the cityBack of my neck getting dirty and grittyBeen down, isn’t it a pityDoesn’t seem […]