November Reminiscence

It’s November, and on the one hand, I’m always sad to see summer wrap-up and commercials hyping the back to school savings.  On the other hand, I love the cooler weather of Fall and the multitude of outfits and activities (hello leaves!) it brings with it. What I also am […]

Fall Leaves 1


New look ~ Same awkward

If you’ve been following ALifeLessAwkward from the beginning (three whole years ago…) You may have gotten used to the look and feel of our beautiful blog page. We’ve been talking about changing things up and giving our space a fresh makeover, and are proud to announce – here it is! […]

How to incorporate turmeric into your diet

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine was visiting.  This friend has recently been working with a naturopath to clean up his diet and part of his regime is mixing turmeric in a smoothie every day.  I have always wanted to incorporate turmeric into my diet, but I wasn’t sure […]



Badge of Honour

I’m starting to view grey hairs as individual badges of honour, wisdom and humility. I remember when I found my first one.  Actually it was a roommate who discovered it while helping me curl my hair for a night out.  It was right after a big break up (my biggest […]

The one hour clean

Ok, I don’t mind cleaning, it’s just when I get started, I don’t know when to stop or I get so overwhelmed that I can’t keep going. It wasn’t until my dad was visiting me that I now finally understand where my crazy views towards cleaning comes from.  My dad likes […]

Clean Up or You're Out! :Brooklyn Street Sign

IMG_5687 (1)

Fall fashion faves

It’s hard to ignore.  With the rain, the orange and red leaves, and the cold snap in the morning – Fall is officially here. To celebrate and mark the occasion, I convinced Cassandra to choose some of her favorite Fall items from her closet and join me for a photo […]

I Love Where I Live

It’s 9:45 am Monday. As I make my way back to the office, I pass a vignette of two gentlemen standing across from each other inside the local library. As the one wearing a woollen cap is shrugging from a red all weather jacket, the other extends a hand in greeting. The […]