Docklands Fireworks II

You can do it!

When I’ve heard myself complain about the same thing multiple times, I get annoyed. On behalf of all of the friends who I’ve given a tough love pep-talk to, I […]



After a couple of weeks filled with some pretty great dates and quality time with a dude I was starting to really get into — he disappeared.  We couldn’t find […]

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Zucchini Challenge

I try to buy fresh local produce on a regular basis in an effort to eat good and (hopefully) healthy things.  But this also means I feel guilty if I […]


Safety Rant

photo: If you want to go for a walk around Beacon Hill Park or biking along Dallas Road or go exploring; then Victoria is the place to be! Victoria weather… […]

Grocery Shopping

The grocery shopping guy

Have you ever encountered this person? photo: Metaphorically speaking — He’s been wandering around the relationship grocery store for a while now. People keep telling him he needs to stop […]

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Latest Fashion Finds

Fill a bag with clothes for only $10? Well okay, if you insist. A few of the ladies and I recently attended a local thrift store’s annual event.  It’s a […]


Cleanse fail

A couple of weeks ago I watched two great documentaries, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and Forks over Knives. The first documentary was great. It showcased the journey of an overweight and […]