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With school back in session, I’m sure there are lots of students out there who are already wondering how they are going to make their student loan budget stretch to the end of the semester. After you pay for tuition and books, the remaining funds are meant to pay for your living expenses for the next 3 months. With so many parties and events going on, it’s easy to overspend in your entertainment and find yourself a little short on food money.

While many students live on a ramen noodle or Kraft dinner diet, there are still a lot of healthy options that won’t break your meagre food budget.

While I’m no longer a student, I’m still a fan of finding low-cost recipes that still allow healthy eating. Check out some great links below to provide some meal inspiration! 

$5 Dinners (check out the Veggie ‘Fried Quinoa’ – it’s delicious!)

 Eating Well Healthy Budget-Friendly Recipes

Food.com College Budget Recipes

100 Recipes for the Starving Student

Pinterest is also a great source of inspiration for recipes!

Remember – just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice nutrition and taste. If you need more ideas, a quick Google search will provide you with the inspiration needed.

Do you have some go-to budget recipes or are you always trying something new? 

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One thought on “{Back to School} Feeding Yourself!

  • teresa

    Thanks for the websites! I find that budgetbytes is a great recipe site, too. She breaks down each recipe to the cent so it’s great for anyone who’s cash-strapped (and totally new at cooking because there are step-by-step pictures).